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How does it work?  And some fun facts!


Download the App

Download and open the app and follow the prompts to create an account! Don’t worry, we use the best encryption available to protect your info  


Link your Bank

We ask you to link your preferred bank account. This just means to connect the account that you want to pay your car loan from and to draw round ups/micropayments from.


Connect your Loan

Next, you connect your car loan by logging into your online account with that loan company. BOOM! That’s it! Every week we will pull down your round-ups, and at the end of the month send them on your behalf to your lender!


Start Saving!  

Take our app for a spin!  

Artboard 4.png

Some fun facts.

It’s pretty simple; we round up your daily purchases to the nearest dollar and put that money towards paying off your car loan. You wouldn’t think so, but the average American accumulates around $40/month in simple round ups alone. THAT can put a big dent in your car loan balance! 


  • We make paying car loans easy through our app. 

  • We don’t cost much, on average about $2-3 a month give or take; but we save users THOUSANDS over their loan term. 

  • We aim to add an abundance of new features over the next few months to help users have greater visibility of their debt, and give them the data to show them “how” they can attack and pay down their auto loan debt FASTER, thus saving more and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$!


Thank you for trusting in us to help tackle your auto debt. Let’s jump in and take the wheel!